AXE makes Belgian ‘guys next door’ the stars of its national campaign

"Who needs a six pack, when you’ve got the nose?”

Only 20% of women say that they still fall for traditional macho guys. What some 90% of women want more than anything is a man who feels good about himself. The problem is that only 13% of men appreciate their own sex appeal. That's why AXE is encouraging men to be proud of what makes them exceptional and to look for their own special ‘magic’. Last night, AXE literally put the ‘magic’ of dozens of Belgian men in the spotlight. On Brussels’ popular Flagey Square, AXE experts approached passers-by to look for the ‘magic’ which AXE believes every man possesses. This ‘magic’ was then captured in a professional photo shoot and the photos were immediately displayed on large billboards in the Brussels streetscape - to the great surprise of the men, who left the AXE booth without suspecting a thing! They could certainly count on plenty of interest from random passers-by. As a result, Belgian ‘guys next door’ briefly became #FindYourMagic models. This stunt also provided a sneak preview of what will become a national AXE campaign from the middle of May. The reactions of the men and passers-by can be viewed at .  


To promote its three new product lines, AXE will today also be opening the AXE pop-up store on Gulden Vlieslaan in Brussels for a period of one month. In the store, AXE will continue to literally put visitors in the spotlight by helping them to look for their ‘magic’ and then capturing it in a photograph. These ‘guys next door’ will then become the stars of AXE's new national media campaign, which will hit Belgian streets from the middle of May.


The stunt, the AXE Store, and the national campaign focusing on the Belgian ‘guys next door’ tie in with a broader AXE campaign. This revolves around the TV commercial which opens with the words: ‘Who needs a six pack, when you’ve got the nose?’ Through the hashtag #FindYourMagic men are encouraged to look for their own ‘magic’ and share it with the world.

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